Meet the trainers

Gabriel Clavero

Having more than 10 years of experience in the field, Gabriel started working as a Project Manager Assistant when it was still usual to get in touch with translators through a landline phone. He soon became a PM himself and was also involved in training, recruiting and interviewing potential candidates. Years later, he was even in charge of opening our office in Ukraine. Today, as the Production Manager he is responsible for managing teams in the PMO. Thrilled by surprises, he loves cooking and trying out new recipes as well as visiting new places. Gaby is also a fan of music from the 80s and a Marvel, Star Wars and Harry Potter geek.

Fernando Joaquín Cabaña

He started as a Project Manager but he is now focused on meeting the needs of clients in Europe as a Strategic Account Manager. As such, he is in charge of providing clients the service they expect, solving problems and negotiating in difficult and complex situations trying to come up with the best solution that works for both sides. He is responsible for managing clients, expanding clients portfolio and dealing with the internal coordination between areas. He has been in this position for almost 3 years and what he likes the most about it is managing clients and thinking about processes for the solutions they need. Besides being a talented professional, Fer is an outgoing person and he really enjoys cooking typical food from different countries.

María Agustina Piotti

As a Project Management Office team leader, Agustina is accountable for the planning and execution of projects, taking into consideration the requirements of all the stakeholders. In this position she is in charge of monitoring projects and meeting clients demands. She creates the conditions for a positive workplace environment and she also provides the necessary tools for the professional development of team members. Apart from having a great memory, Agus loves expanding her knowledge about different cultures and she always sees every project as a learning opportunity. To take her mind off work, Agus enjoys making collages, listening to music, spending quality time with friends and family, and going for long walks with her dog Milanesa.

Liza Blason

After graduating, she started working as an English teacher, but she felt there was a lot more to explore. She later joined the translation industry and has performed different roles since then such as Project Manager, Project Manager Office Trainer and Production Manager. Today she is in charge of the Continuous Improvement Department and she is responsible for promoting customer satisfaction, strengthening the quality management system and designing improvement actions in general. Curious by nature, Liza loves doing yoga, acting and learning new things.
Last modified: Thursday, 23 November 2023, 9:13 PM